Paintworks Bristol

About Paintworks


The concept

For all the advantages media growth has provided, it is at a cost. Incessant bombardment of celebrity, slick advertising and fashion-conscious styling, in a corporate brand dominated world has anaesthetised our senses to real, simple and substantive values.

Those behind Paintworks detect a growing consciousness in society and see the project as a genuine attempt to regenerate a mixed use district centred primarily on a sense of community and in so doing provide a model for others to build on elsewhere.

Considerable effort has gone into the intimacy of the street scene, the public areas and hub spaces. This is in deliberate contrast to insular "lifestyle" residential accommodation and soulless anonymous business parks. The aim is to show there is Another Way to increasing isolation. A place where "lifestyle" living and working is not just marketing hype, but somewhere people do actually want to live, want to work and want to interact with others.

That's the vision.

Paintworks Bristol

It's not a scheme, it's a place

Paintworks is a bit of town, not a development. It's a place where people want to work and a place they want to live. Not all that complicated really, but not many places are like it.